A Tale Of Precision, Progress And Passion


At Direct Synergies we are literally Mad Keen about all that we do.


It all started back in 1997.


It was a different world back then…


Before the internet was all the rage, the dotcom bubble burst and the Y2K Bug threatened to shut down the world’s networks:  


  • Dolly the Sheep became the first cloned animal in history

  • Titanic became the biggest selling movie of all time and

  • Hong Kong finally gained its independence after 156 years of British rule.


It was also the year Mad Keen Fishing hit the world stage, with top-quality clothing and merchandise that embodies the irrational emotional connection their customers have with their fishing lifestyle.


For more than 20 years, the MK brand has stood for one thing: an unbridled passion for giving customers what they want so they can enjoy the little things in life just a little bit more.


Customers just like you who demand progress and the type of precision processes that turn out the very best products for any budget.  


And sometimes, when that type of passion reaches a peak, it creates something entirely new, for a whole new market.  


Enter Direct Synergies -- born from the competitive advantages and proven strategies compiled over two decades of doing things the Mad Keen Way…


Where progress is a two-way street, based on the crazy belief that if we just ask our customers what they want, they’ll actually tell us -- and instead of wasting time making and selling stuff you don’t want, we can focus on developing cutting edge technology that makes it possible to create new product lines based entirely on your feedback.  


Mad Keen’s fanatical focus on customer feedback can now be an extension of your business, with a complete graphic design, web development, merchandising and garment production suite that makes your brand message more visible, relatable and effective.


Communicate More Clearly And Transform Your Business



First, we’ll help you rethink your business through a customer experience mindset that aligns your organization around what truly matters to your customers.  This results in a simplified story that motivates your market to take appropriate action.


Innovate New Product & Service Offerings With Confidence


Next, we help you create a top-to-bottom plan for turning your vision into branding and merchandise that makes your corporate goals a reality.  This process includes customer insights, opportunity exploration, technical feasibility and product prototyping with quality checks along the way to ensure a perfect result each and every time.


Orchestrate Your Complete Customer Journey


The speed of business is faster than ever, so we’ve designed an agile and collaborative process that helps your business set the pace for your market and accelerate through the inevitable changes in your industry.  


Every activity and deliverable has a clear purpose and everything is printed in-house with environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art direct-to-garment technology for fast and effective turnarounds so you can quickly expand your reach and update every buyer touch point with ease.


Connect All The Dots And Move Forward In A Straight Line


The only constant is change, but to truly innovate, collaboration needs to go beyond great tools and teamwork.


Connect the dots between your corporate strategy and your customer experience and give your customers, employees and stakeholders what they want.  


Contact Direct Synergies today, harness our technological advantages to hack into your future and propel your business forward with complete confidence.




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